The importance of being open

After I published my first post, my son started questioning me about why I needed to take photos of Fifi. Questioning, wanting to know why, seems to be part of his Asperger’s character.

So, I told him.

Then he asked if he could look at the blog.

So, I gave him the URL.

He spent a long time reading through the posting. I spent the time wondering if he was going to be upset by the fact I was writing about him. He wasn’t – in fact, he asked me to correct a couple of points, which I did.

At that point I decided to ask him if he thought I should use his name; would that be ok?

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind.”

My son’s name is Geordie – and I will be using his name now in future postings until the time he changes his mind and asks me not to.

In retrospect, I should have talked to Geordie before I started this blog. Being open and honest with him has always been the best strategy. He is cluey – and despite all the talk that suggests children on the spectrum are not naturally aware of social cues – Geordie is very aware of when I am holding something back from him.

This little scenario has served to remind me that knowing your child and what pushes their buttons is so important.

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