The things we do

Every parent will go above and beyond for their child.

Every parent will feel their child’s failures, pain and successes as if they were their own.

Every parent will worry about their child — whether said child is a newborn or an independent adult.

Every parent of a child with special needs will go that one step further.

We often don’t get a break — if we do, we often spend it feeling bad about inconveniencing someone else.

We regularly forego social activities, training sessions and ‘me time’ to be there for our child.

We often feel like we just want a normal life — but then immediately feel guilty for doing so.

We fear for the future — what if something happens to me?

We fight for our children — often at the expense of being labelled as that parent.

We worry — what if they are getting bullied/have no friends/feel lonely/feel scared … ?

We feel useless because we can’t always protect our child from the above.

We occasionally let our guards down and have meltdowns ourselves — then spend time apologising for it and feeling embarrassed because ‘someone else has it worse than me’.

We are often not very kind to ourselves.

We ride a roller coaster of emotions each and every day. We don’t step off this ride — EVER — but if we manage to pause it briefly, we are exhausted.


We love our children unconditionally. We love them to the moon and back — again and again and again.

We would not give them up — or give up on them.

We would do anything for them.


Because they bring us joy every day and teach us about the world.

It’s as simple as that.

That feeling overrides everything else and makes it all worthwhile.


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** This blog post did not turn out the way I thought it would. I sat down intending to write something totally different – but these words spilled from my fingertips. There was obviously a reason for it – so I’m leaving it. I may do a part 2 later – and write what I actually intended to write.

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