Hi – my name is Kellie.

I have two amazing children, the youngest of whom was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of four. I have also been a teacher for twenty years and have worked with many children ‘on the spectrum’. The year my son was diagnosed one-sixth of my mainstream class were children with autism. It was a demanding year, both personally and professionally.

My life has been filled with many challenging, heartbreaking and rewarding experiences – but none more so than the journey I am currently on with my beautiful son.

I have been an ‘aspiring writer’ for my whole life, but only decided late last year to do something about it. This was when I discovered there was lots I wanted to convey in words about ‘the journey’, so I wrote short stories, picture books and factual recounts about aspects of Asperger’s. Then, my professional writing course decreed that I should start a blog.

“What a perfect opportunity,” I thought to myself, and here I am.

I will be posting about my own personal experiences, and I urge you to remember that each person’s journey will be different. However, whether you are a teacher, a parent or a friend of someone with Asperger’s, or if you yourself have Asperger’s, my wish is that you will gain something from my musings.

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  1. Hello Kellie. This is Gatekeeper from Abnormal Realms and I would like to thank you for the time in checking out the blog along with the feedback. I would had sent you email instead, but my provider server had crashed, so I thought to post my appreciation here. Have a good day.

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