This page contains samples of writing assessment pieces I have completed as part of a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing with Open Colleges.

Boost your mental power with yoga is a blog post article written for fictional company, Better Yoga. It discusses the benefits of yoga, especially around the brain and wellbeing. The brief outlined the need for the article to encourage more customers to sign up for Better Yoga classes.

Seafood – Eat It was an assessment task that involved researching and writing an article for Men’s Health magazine on the benefits of eating seafood.

There is nothing fishy about the health benefits of seafood is the second part of the writing task about seafood. In this task I had to modify the original article to make it suitable for publication in the 50 Something magazine. In these assessment activities I was required to demonstrate my knowledge of the target audience, using an appropriate tone and style.

The Park Upgrades task required me to write a media release, a community service radio announcement and website content around (fictional) proposed upgrades to the playground and community facilities at two local parks.

Everydayhero Hayden is a feature article I wrote about 10-year-old Hayden and his tremendous fundraising efforts for Alzheimer’s Australia. It was an assessment task for an Open Colleges module on non-fiction writing.

The Exorcised is a short story I wrote as an assessment piece in the module on Writing Fiction. Its target audience is the upper end of the Young Adult market; readers who enjoy supernatural and/or crime themes. The Exorcised is written to be both a stand-alone short story or as a taster for a novel (which I hope to complete at some stage).

CMEG Volunteers (Final – CMEG volunteers article) is a feature article I wrote for my Write Journalism module assessment. The requirements included coming up with the concept, writing a pitch, conducting research and interviews and writing and editing the final 500-word article.

Discovering a new form is an activity I completed in the module Write Short Narratives. The activity required us to look closely at a form of narrative we didn’t have much experience with prior to beginning this module. I chose ‘business narratives’.

The Somnambulist is a short story (flash fiction form) I will be submitting for assessment in the module Write Short Narratives. I am required to get feedback on my story prior to editing it and would very much appreciate this. The feedback may be on the content, the form, grammar – anything that jumps out at you.

9 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hi Kellie, I’m in your writing class too. I’m not quite up to this stage, but am close. I LOVE your blog. Fun, entertaining and interesting. Well done! Penny


    1. Thank you so much Penny. I am enjoying writing this – it’s therapeutic. I look forward to seeing your blog when you get up to this stage.


  2. Hi Kellie,

    I really enjoyed your short story ‘The Somnambulist’.

    It had suspense and intrigue. I really didn’t know what was coming.

    Good strong dialogue moving the story forward.

    Great job – I look forward to reading more.



      1. Thank you. I am hoping to submit it today, so if you have a spare 5 minutes that would be awesome but if not that is totally fine (very short notice I know). I can work with the little bit of feedback I already have. Thank you 🙂


      1. That’s fantastic Kellie! I would love to read it when you are done. I have thought about doing the same thing. It’s funny how your story ideas develop.


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