A promise every parent of a child with autism should make

The other day, I came across this quote on Facebook:

 I am the proud parent of a very special child. I will never blame him, be embarrassed of him, or stop fighting for him. I have his back – he has my heart 🙂

For me, these words encompass everything that is important about being Geordie’s mum – or the parent of any child with special needs.

I am his advocate – and I should never have to apologise for that.

3 snapshots of situations I am no longer going to apologise for:

♥  When strangers (or non-strangers for that matter) make judgmental remarks about Geordie or his perceived behaviour, I will stand up for him because sometimes he can’t do it for himself.

♥  When Geordie is stressed and non-compliant at school because:

  •  he is being forced to join in with a new activity which is unpredictable and makes him feel uncomfortable,
  • he has to walk into the assembly hall when it is already full and noisy,
  • there is a sudden change in schedule or teacher,

and I need to contact the school (again), explain what is happening (again) and suggest compromises (again).

♥  When we are in a public place and Geordie has a meltdown because it is overcrowded, noisy or unfamiliar and I need to calm him while deflecting the stares and comments of people who do not know him and who feel the need to make assumptions about him or my parenting skills.

I know I am often perceived as a ‘helicopter mum’ or ‘pushy’. I can live with those labels.

My promise to my son is that I will stop apologising for being his advocate.

As a parent, if I don’t stand up for my child, explain his way of thinking and push to ensure he is not spiralled into meltdown or anxiety – then who will?