A day in the life of a child with ASD using the coke can explanation…..

A brilliant analogy.

A Different Neurotribe

Tonight I helped a local group with some Autism awareness training, I think it went well.  I used the coke can explanation to describe a day at school for Sam, Sam is fictional he is a little boy aged 10, he has red curly hair and a cheeky smile, he is a combination of my own school experiences and that of my children.

The coke can analogy was first described to me by another Autism parent a good few years ago and it has always stuck with me as the perfect way to explain the way a child bottles up everything and then let’s it all go once getting out of school. I have seen other people write about it, this is my interpretation.

The coke can example…

”Come on Sam time to get up”

The light streaming in the curtains burns Sams eyes blinding him.

Sam gets up, Immediately…

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