A beautiful and spot on account of perspective – what is a simple, daily act for some people is a massive hurdle for people with Autism and Asperger’s. If just one other person understands and acknowledges this feeling – the post is worth it.

Dream Walden

You think you understand my autism but you really don’t

You asked me out for lunch tomorrow

Just a few of us, you said

But you see 5 is a few to you, 3 is a crowd to me.

If you really want to have lunch with me, why not just the two of us?

How can it be a few when everyone is out for lunch at the same time?

You see, it’s not a few at all when you consider the rest of the population and the queue in line.

These are the things you ignore.

These are the things I can’t ignore.

You said we’d go somewhere quiet.

But how are we getting there? I asked.

First you got to get on the bus!

During bloody lunch time!

So why do I want to put myself through all that trouble when I can enjoy my lunch in peace and quiet…

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