Other Writing

This is a page where I will occasionally share some of my other writing (ie. writing that has not been done for  an Open Colleges assessment). One of the reasons I write is to help verbalise my thoughts and emotions about events which are happening in my life. I find I can express my inner thoughts more adequately through writing than I can through speaking.

I am … (memories of my Dad) is a poem I wrote and read out at my father’s funeral in July 2012. Writing this poem, and then reading it out, was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but so very valuable. My Dad would have loved this poem.

Memories made with Pop is a mix of poetry and prose which puts into words the thoughts and memories I have of my grandfather who only recently passed away. As with ‘I am …’, this writing was done to be read during my grandfather’s funeral service. Again, it was extremely difficult to write and to read out – but the process has been very important in helping me come to terms with my feelings.

Except for Colby is the draft of a picture book I am (trying) to write about the acceptance children have for difference. It is based on how the friendship developed between Geordie and his best friend. I am trying to show Geordie’s desire to have things his way and his lack of desire to conform. I am also trying to show how, in our experience, the children in Geordie’s class are really accepting of his needs and how one boy managed to break through and develop a friendship. I am toying with different points of view and telling more of the Asperger’s story and the story has stalled somewhat. I would welcome any feedback.

In 2015 I entered a short story, Ambush in the Forest, into a competition run by Creative Kids Tales (click here to go to their site). The brief was to write a short story, aimed at children, with a ‘forest’ theme. To my delight I managed to secure second place in the competition and my story was published in an anthology on Smashwords.

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